Mojave National Preserve

Living in Southern California this time of year is awesome for desert overlanding.  The temperature is bearable and no one is out but a few crazy like-minded folks who love it.   This week, I decided to be out in the Mojave Desert.   Not to do the famous Mojave trail, but to just enjoy the park as a whole.

The desert is full of awesome views of lava rocks, sand dunes, and pink sunsets.   I’m just going to drive around aimlessly each day for several hours and camped where ever we fell like, sometimes at campsites, sometimes off the path.

We’ll cross and ride on the Mojave Trail several times, but then got off it just for solitude or scenery.  I’ll update when I can because cell phone reception/internet is spotty out here.  It comes in and out as I get closer and further from the highways that cut through the park.

My 2002 Toyota Sequoia Sr5 4wd
2017 Ford F150 4×4 we rented from  for $50/day
We wanted an extra car just in case we got stuck or broke down and wanted to see if the Ford would be a capable overland vehicle.  Both drove flawlessly over the various terrain.

Please stay tuned for more updates in the next few days.


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