It Happened

I post my 2003 4Runner SE on Craigslist from time to time just to test it’s market value.  If someone offers me my asking price, I’d give it up.  As soon as I purchased it, I listed it for $2500 more than my purchase price.   Some months went by with a few people inquiring, but no serious buyers.  I never intended to sell it.   After my several months on the road, I got home to my little apartment with an email from someone looking to purchase it.

After a few email exchanges, we finally set a time for him to test drive it.   He arrived about 30 minutes late with a friend who had a 3rd gen, lifted to what seemed like 12 inches.  With stickers from off road companies like Primal, Bilstein, and such.  They we both in their early 20’s with clean military cuts and extremely polite demeanor.

He drove it for about two minutes and wanted to make the purchase!  We did  the deed and now I am $2500 richer but one car poorer.

Bye Bye my beloved 4runner.
I guess, I’ll be on the lookout for something else.

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