How to Run a Rooftop Tent on a Budget! – The OffRoad Rhino


These guys found one of the cheapest ways to get an RTT on your Jeep.  If you don’t want to watch the whole video, he had to get a Thule gutter mounts and cross bars (Jeeps don’t come with racks like Toyotas :p) and opted for a Smittybilt which ended up costing him about $1250 total on Amazon.

Thule mounts and crossbars. [link]
Smittybilt Overlanding Tent. [link]

I would have opted for the Yakima SkyRise tent that goes on sale from time to time for about the same price.  Or, if you wait until Black Friday, the same Simttybilt RTT goes on sale for $699!

Check out their awesome video below.

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