Home-Made Awning Idea

Awnings create a quick shelter protecting you from the scorching sun or sudden rain fall.  It’s almost like having a giant baseball cap for your vehicle.   Their simplicity and ease of set up make it one of the must-haves for overlanding.   They also roll up really neatly so they don’t take up much room nor cause too much drag.  But most of all, they make you look really cool, like a serious overlander.

They typically run anywhere between $200-800 depending on the brand or size.
But these cool people, Mark & Merri from Wonderlost Overland are going to show us cheapskates how make one ourselves.

If even after watching the video and you still don’t think you can pull it off, you can still buy one,  you wont be judged here.
Here are our cheapest recommendations:

Yakima Slimshady from REI for $207.19
Smittybilt 2784 from Amazon for $219.99

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