Anza Borrego

It’s been over a week since my last post.  The reason: I drove from the Salton Sea area straight to the Anza Borrego Desert.   Stayed in my Ozark Trail 2-person tent for almost a week, driving from one site to another.  No one near us in case of emergency for miles no one to hoon or play loud music or whatever; it was perfect.   I never turned on my computer.  My smartphone on airplane mode lasted the whole time without needing a charge.  I probably drove through areas with cellphone reception, but never checked.  There are a lot of little towns and shop nearby, but why bother?   I wanted to get away, and stay away.  That’s the point of doing these long excursions.  I wanted to see things most of my friends don’t get to.  So I started off first at the mud caves.

They’re exactly like their name describes, Mud Caves.  At first when you arrive, it’s hard to believe they’re there.  The scene is all sand with a sporadic shrubs and plants and then suddenly out of nowhere piles and piles of dry soft mud that crumbles with the slightest touch.   Over 40 feet high, they tower over your car like…well, caves.  You can walk through them for miles and miles seemingly without end.  I hiked for about 3 hours through the winding caves before heading back to the car for some food and setting up camp.

My next post here will be for another post.

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