2001 Lexus LX 470 for Sale on eBay 1000 miles – $129,000.00

For sale: the cheapest 100 Series Land Cruiser with 1,000 miles.
Below is the blurb from the seller and all his claims about the vehicle.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the lowest mile FJ100 series Landcruiser /LX 470.  The truck just hit 1k miles !  This is a rare opportunity for any Toyota collectors worldwide.  The last great landcruiser the FJ100 body in 100% as new condition.  There is still plastic film never unwrapped covering the radio.  100% Collector Condition thru out , never any damage or paintwork and fully serviced.

The unique history of this truck is that it was stolen off a Lexus dealer lot back on 2001 before ever being delivered to a customer.  The truck was then stored for many years inside a warehouse along 20+ other high end exotics.  The entire collection in this warehouse was eventually recovered.  This LX sat amongst Ferraris and other missing exotics for many years. Because the insurance company paid off the Lexus dealership back in 2001 a carfax will show “salvage” back in 2001 but this is simply that way it gets picked up in the carfax computers when the insurance pays off a theft.  There was never any accident or damage to this truck which can be seen in an inspection.  In addition the truck is on a clear NJ title.  
 This must be the lowest mile FJ100/ LX 470 left in the world.  When I acquired the vehicle after it was recovered it had under 900 miles on it.  I did a full service top to bottom at an authorized Lexus dealer as you can see the photo of the dealer invoice date Oct 2017 for $3,900.  I choose to keep the original tires on the truck as this truck likely will end up in some type of collection / Museum and most likely original tires would be wanted.   I then put the truck in storage in my climate controlled storage facility.  The truck sits alongside my collection of rare land rover defenders, rare Mercedes G wagon convertibles, and low mile landcruisers.
Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the lowest mile and last Iconic Landcruiser body style.  A museum piece which sits in my climate controlled storage facility alongside other rare and exotic vehicles.
This truck is available for purchase anyplace worldwide.
Thanks for looking and inspections are welcomed.

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